The Art of Self-Portraits

The Art of Self-Portraits

180 min

Self-portraits, which have been recorded through the form of photography, drawings, and paintings for centuries, are an art form of capturing the essence of oneself utilizing elements such as composition, light and shadows, some creativity, and the technical know-how as to how to execute its creation. A striking self-portrait is not as easy as you might think as much can go into the process of its creation.

The Art of Self-Portraits 

In this workshop we will cover the following:

  • The history of the self-portrait
  • Selfies vs. self-portraits
  • Purposes for self-portraits
  • Necessary preparations for self-portraits
  • Equipment needed to capture an amazing self-portrait
  • Various methods for capturing a self-portrait
  • Getting creative with self-portraiture

You will leave this workshop with an arsenal of tools and new ideas for striking out and creating a new portfolio of captivating self-portraits.

Requirements: Please bring your camera and your camera’s USB cord. You will also need to bring a camera tripod.

Optional: One or two fun props that scream “you”.


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