“Dawn and her crew were so fun to work with! She’s very thorough and captures quality pictures. Loved working with her!”  Deeksha Chawla – model






“Dawn is incredibly passionate and visionary about her work. Her upbeat positive energy makes you feel comfortable right away in front of the lens and some of my best photos have been taken with her.” Bonnie Byrnes, model





“Dawn is professional and easy to work with. It’s especially great because she knows how to do a range of styles: The first time I worked with Dawn we shot a variety of portraits and commercial work in the studio. She makes sure you feel comfortable in front of the camera and knows how to get the best shots of you naturally smiling and laughing!  The second time I worked with Dawn was for a fashion shoot. Dawn pre-scouted outdoor locations around the city that really worked well with the style and mood of the clothes; It set the scene and allowed myself, the other model, and the makeup artist to be as equally creative in the process. The shoot was a success and I enjoyed it so much! I can’t wait to work with her again.”   Tara Virada, model


“Dawn is truly amazing at what she does when it comes to photography and working with models. She is very detail oriented which helps to ensure both parties are on the same page. I had a wonderful time working with Dawn and was very pleased with the final outcome of the photos. Definitely would work with her again”  Larissa Byrd – model



“Dawn was fun, professional, and made me feel great in front of the camera. I was very pleased with the outcome of the photos and wouldn’t mind working with her again.”  Lisette Melendez, model






“Dawn is so much fun to work with!  We’ve shot together on several occasions, each yielding very different and remarkable images.  Whether it’s street style, boudoir, or fashion, she has a wonderfully creative eye. ” Sietzka Wiersma, model





“It was a pleasure working with Dawn, very professional and friendly. Loved her ideas and is very fun and easy to work, and I was pleased with all the photos!” Purna Talukder, model






“Working with Dawn was a very enjoyable experience. Her focus and attention to details were evident from the get-go. I look forward to working with her again in the future!” W. Matthew Chamberlain, business owner