About Dawn…

Dawn M. Wayand is an exhibiting artist, a curator, an educator and the founder of NYC Digital Photography Workshops, a NYC 5,000 student, 3-instructor photography education group guiding photographers – from novice to professional – toward becoming better at what they capture and how they showcase it to the world through group and private workshops. She specializes in and teaches all of the exhibition education workshops with NYCDPW. A Florida native, a Visual Arts graduate and a former writer for two local art publications in Florida, Dawn successfully gained recognition with her photography and other works of art along the eastern seaboard from Florida to New York City, having sold and been displayed in homes, offices and commercial spaces worldwide. Dawn has exhibited in numerous types of venues and has curated multiple exhibitions in Florida, NYC and online. Having published almost 100 feature photography articles and gear reviews since September 2015, Dawn has written photography education articles for the Adorama Learning Center, B&H Photo and Digital Photography School. Dawn has been shooting travel, street and candid portraits since 2001 and has been working with models and actors shooting portraits, headshots and fashion through her own photography business, Dawn M. Wayand Photography, since 2013.

Artist Statement

Paintings-14 (24x30)
“I have been an artist in some shape or form using various mediums of choice since I was six years old. With my main body of work being photography, much of my other artwork is characterized as realistic as I like to recreate what I see, giving it an artistic spin using vibrant colors, shapes, lines and textures. My most recent paintings have been experimentation in abstract as I have learned to let my feelings and mood dictate my brush. I am generally inspired mostly by other artists, my travels and music. Having been to so many destinations in the world, I have been able to capture my journeys through photographs and I am able to create whimsical images in my art that portray things that I have seen. I have also been to many museums around the globe and I come away inspired by those artists and eager to apply my own style – which is still under development as I am always progressively learning – to produce my own unique artwork. With my photography, I always try to capture the best part of my subjects, while with my paintings and drawings, I try and capture accuracy or put a fun spin on ordinary subjects. My work spans over several mediums and various genres as I am always trying new things, but my subjects always represent my interests, abilities and the mood I am in at the time. What drives me to continue to create and experiment is what others think of my work and how they enjoy my finished pieces. It is always nice to hear – for any artist – how amazing their work is or to sell a piece that they created. Just the fact that my art affects someone and they enjoy it enough to want to have it displayed in their home is such a motivator to continue doing what I do.”

~ Dawn M. Wayand

Art & Photography Affiliations

Dawn’s Freelance Affiliations

Writer for Adorama Learning Center Website
Writer for B&H Photo Explora
Writer for Digital Photography School


Dawn’s Past Curatorial Endeavors (2012-present)

Caelum Gallery, NYC (1 exhibition)
Abrons Arts Center, NYC (2 exhibitions)
Soho Arthouse, NYC (9 exhibitions)


Dawn’s Past Personal Exhibitions

Art on Broadway by Dacia Gallery, Manhattan (1 group exhibition)
Soho Arthouse, Manhattan (7 group exhibitions)
Abrons Arts Center (2 group exhibitions)
Five Pointz Art Festival, Brooklyn (1 group exhibition)
Broomie’s, Brooklyn (1 solo exhibition)

Tampa, FL:
Old Hyde Park Art Center (13 group exhibitions)
Carrollwood Cultural Center (3 group exhibitions)
Museum of Photographic Arts (1 group exhibition)
North Tampa Arts in the Park (1 group exhibition)
Wyndham Hotel (3 solo exhibitions)
Tampa Artists Emporium (personal 3-month rotating exhibition space)
Ybor City Saturday Morning Market (12 weeks)

Brandon, FL:
Brandon League of Fine Arts (2 exhibitions)

Clearwater, FL:
Clearwater Main Library (1 exhibition)


Dawn’s Past Photography Talks & Lectures

2010 – On Eastern Europe, Tampa, FL
2012 – Artistic Expression in Photography, NYC
2012 to present – Various self-promotion and exhibitions education workshops, NYC


Dawn’s Current & Past Art & Photography Affiliations

National Association of Professional Women (member)
Professional Photographers of America (member)
NYC Digital Photography Workshops (owner)
Drawing the Light – Studio & Lighting Classes (owner)
NYC Photo Outings (owner)
NYC Digital Photography Club (owner)
NYC Image Group (owner)
Journeys Photography Exploration Group (JPEG) (owner)
NYC Digital Photo Walks (owner)
Tampa Regional Artists (member & exhibitor)
Brandon League of Fine Arts (member & exhibitor)
North Tampa Art League (member & exhibitor)
Museum of Photographic Arts (member & exhibitor)
Sarasota Art Center (member)
Professional Alliance of Visual Arts (member)
West Coast Photography Group (member & photographer)
Modeling & Photography Forum (member & photographer)
Tampa Photography Forum (member & photographer)
North Pinellas Photography Forum (member & photographer)
Florida State Photography Forum (member & photographer)