Portfolio Critique Sessions

Duration: 90 minutes

Ever wondered what makes an effective and powerful image and what makes an image fall short? In your photography portfolio critique session, Dawn will take look at your portfolio of best work and critique it based on knowledge gained through experience as a visual arts major, a photographer, an exhibition curator, and an exhibiting artist. She will point out your good images and why they work as well as images that don’t quite work and explain why what can be done to improve the image through editing in post and/or give you tips for shooting in a similar situation again. Students in the session will not only learn through Dawn’s critique of each portfolio what judges and curators look for when analyzing images but to ensure you walk away with tips to be more cognizant of how you shoot in the future.

Required: Please bring a flash drive with 30-40 of your best images to this critique session as well as your fully charged laptop. (The flash backup is necessary in case something goes wrong with your laptop…) You may also bring your images in print format (preferably no smaller than 8x10s). Please limit your photos to no more than 40 so that we have time to try to review them all.


For more info or to schedule a workshop, please contact Dawn at workshops@dawnmwayand.com.