Portfolio Assistance

Portfolio Assistance

90 min

There comes a point in every photographer’s development where one desires to advance from hobbyist to professional, be it in the form of an exhibiting artist, a working photographer, or both. However, the industry has increasingly become competitive. For the truly dedicated and driven photographer, there is – and will always be – room in the industry. But that all depends on your work and your portfolio. Your work is what gets you in the door, your portfolio is your calling card.

Portfolio Assistance

The Digital Age has granted us the luxury of taking as many images as we like without the cost of film and development, however, then comes the issue of having SO MANY images to weed through to create a portfolio – where do you start? What constitutes a good and effective portfolio? How do you select your portfolio images out of the thousands of images you have collected? And once you have your images selected, what do you do next?


In this workshop we will cover the following topics:

  • What makes up the portfolio;
  • Your color palette;
  • Factoring in composition and personal style;
  • How to remove your feelings from the equation while selecting images for your portfolio(s);
  • Review of some software options to help you cull down your image choices;
  • Organizing your images in preparation for creating the final portfolio(s); 
  • Portfolio display options

You will leave this workshop with final images selected from what you have brought to the workshop for a portfolio, a blueprint for layout, and plans for several different ways to put together and showcase your portfolio(s).


Highly Recommended: One (1) 90-minute Portfolio Critique Session a few weeks prior to this session. A prior portfolio critique session will help you cull down your selection of images to around 40 of your very best images to print and bring to work with at this workshop.

Required: Bring 25-40 of your absolute best images printed as 5×7 matte finish photos. Use labels to title each photo and include the resolution information for each photograph on the backside of the photograph (Length x Width and DPI).


For more info or to schedule a workshop, please contact Dawn at workshops@dawnmwayand.com.