Getting More Creative With Portrait & Fashion Photography

150 Minutes

A great portrait speaks the essence of its subject. A great fashion photograph inspires a viewer to inherit a trend or to make a purchase of a new wardrobe piece. There are basic ways to create standard photographs that might do okay in both realms, however, add a photographer’s creative vision and you spark something unique to call your own.

Creative Portrait & Fashion Photography w/ Dawn M. Wayand

Sometimes, however, we run into creative blocks that prevent us from coming up with new ideas for amazing photoshoots or we lack the experience and practice to get started in the first place. 


In this workshop, some of the topics we will cover are:

  • The purposes of portraits
  • Creative blocks and 11 ways to overcome them
  • Where and how to find creative inspiration for portraits and fashion
  • How to build up your creative vision
  • Creative shooting techniques
  • Creative ideas to get you started
  • How to build creative photoshoot sets on a budget
  • Resource recommendations


You will leave this workshop knowing how to conjure up new creative ideas of your own to execute for portraiture and fashion photoshoots to take your portfolio to the next level.

We will have a model for the last hour of class to work with, in creating a creative portrait or fashion shoot – determined by you beforehand, although the workshop itself will cover both topics.

Requirements: You must know the manual settings of your camera.

Optional: Feel free to bring your camera, however, if you do, you will also need to bring your camera’s USB cord for tethering to Lightroom. Any photographs you take during the workshop, whether using the classroom Nikon D750 or your own, will be sent to you after class by Dropbox.

SPECIAL NOTE: Any student photos taken of the model belong to the photographers, however, photographers agree copies of the photos shall be released to the model to use for her portfolio only as a special thanks for her time. Photographers agree to sign a class model release prior to shooting providing such use by the model and prohibiting photographers from commercial use (selling the photos) without written consent from the model.


For more info or to schedule a workshop, please contact Dawn at