Exhibitions, Marketing, Promotion & Publicity 1-on-1 PLUS Q&A Time

Duration: 90 min to 2 hrs

Exhibiting your work can be a very exciting yet scary goal as for some, you are stepping out of your comfort zone and subjecting yourself and your work to criticism. What is even more nerve-racking is wondering if your work is good enough to exhibit! You may have questions as to what your work is worth as a beginner. You may wonder how to promote yourself and your work and how to get the recognition you deserve for all of your efforts in creating your work. Then the day comes when you do exhibit. What do you say to potential customers? And how do you sell to specific personality types? How can you avoid losing a sale? How can you increase sales, even after the exhibition?

Topics covered will include:

  • Setting Goals
  • Building Self-Confidence to Sell Your Work
  • Dealing With Negative Feedback
  • What Sells
  • Pricing Your Work
  • Tips for Negotiating Prices
  • Increasing Your Art’s Market Value
  • Get Noticed! Self-Promotion
  • Social Media & Promoting Your Work
  • Business Card Tips
  • Website Tips
  • Blogging Tips
  • Word of Mouth Promotion
  • Creating a Press Kit
  • Building and Writing a Photography Resume, Artist Statement, and Biography
  • Putting Together a Portfolio
  • Where to Show and Sell Your Work
  • Getting Gallery Representation
  • How Do I Sell?
  • Ways to Stay on Message at Art Shows/Art Fairs
  • The Five Buyer Types and How to Get The Sale
  • How to Lose a Sale
  • Strengthen Your Sales – How to Build Customer Loyalty

After this workshop, you will feel ready to go out there and take on your first exhibition, or to continue to exhibit, with more confidence and with the know-how to successfully sell yourself and your work.

Requirements: Please bring a pen and paper for notes.


For more info or to schedule a workshop, please contact Dawn at workshops@dawnmwayand.com.